Press Kit

About Operand

Operand enables individuals and teams to conduct (remote) interviews for due diligences, audits, and assessments. It offers a rich set of features to researchers, analysts, and auditors to prepare questionnaires, capture answers, write advisories, and export reports.

What Is Operand

Operand is a collaborative tool for due diligences, audits, and assessments.


Erik van Eykelen, Founder and CEO
Before Operand, Erik co-founded ClubCollect. As CTO he helped the company grow to 100K+ MRR. He still serves on ClubCollect's board.

Mircea Luncan, Head of Sales


What does the name Operand mean?

op·er·and | ˈäpəˌrand |
noun Mathematics
the quantity on which an operation is to be done.

We chose this name because it embodies the work that can be done using Operand i.e. carrying out structured interviews based on a set of carefully selected questions. Operand's icon, the greek lowercase letter sigma σ, is a nod to the sum of answers representing an outcome.