A collaborative tool for due diligences, audits, and assessments

Operand enables individuals and teams to conduct interviews for due diligences, audits, and assessments. Prepare questionnaires, capture answers, write advisories, and export reports.


For individual researchers and teams alike

Conduct smooth running interviews that leave no stone unturned.
Capture answers, remarks, and flags during interviews. Everyone on the team can enter data. Operand's smart text field locking prevents accidental overwrites.
Operand's built-in install-less conferencing tool ensures your team and interviewees stay on the same page during the preparations and interviews. Conference room entry is frictionless.
Import questionnaires into Operand based on existing documents and spreadsheets. Rearrange the question tree using drag and drop. Work on content with multiple people.
Export questions, answers, advisories, flags, priorities, and remarks to Microsoft Word, Open Document Format, and Markdown. You can even apply a style template.

Hosting options

Use our hosted service or self-host Operand on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and other platforms.

Key Features


Effortless Importing

Simply copy existing questionnaires including questions and advisories to the clipboard and paste them into Operand.

Team Interviewing

Everything in Operand is built for multi-user collaboration: editing, interviewing, conferencing, and support for multiple organizations.

Quick Filtering

During interviews it is essential to see which questions are left unanswered and which answers are flagged.

Smart Locking

Never lose your edits due to Operand's smart multi-user text field locking feature.

Flexible Exporting

Operand exports your reports to MS Word, Open Office, and Markdown — even supporting layout templates.

Fast Searching

Quickly search for questions, answers, advisories, and remarks with instantaneous results.

Integrated Conferencing

Easily invite interviewees with a secure link to join Operand's built-in install-less audio and video conferencing tool.

Secure hosting

Operand is hosted in Europe on the Salesforce Heroku platform powered by Amazon Web Services.

Start doubling the efficiency of your due diligence process!

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